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Ultrasonic Vaporiser 9115

Ultrasonic Vaporiser 9115


This is a basic ultrasonic cool mist vaporiser, which can be helpful for coughs, colds and croup. It results in low or no condensation, because there is no heating element. This is a great advantage over traditional hot steam vaporisers, the steam has no heat! The ultrasonic wave technology works on the vibration of the water at such a speed that water vapours are dispersed into the atmosphere to add moisture to the environment. The unit stays cool to touch and the vapours are cool so it is perfectly safe to place anywhere in the room. With over 6 lighting colours that can rotate or be set on the one colour or switched off. It is compact, a simple design and safe to place in the nursery or children's bedrooms. The automatic safety feature ensures that the Vaporiser switches off once the water has depleted.

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