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BIO OIL Dry Skin Gel 50ml

BIO OIL Dry Skin Gel 50ml


The Bio-Oil is a dry-skin specialist. It’s potent and revolutionary oil-based gel formulation is 100% active and has been clinically proven to target and treat dry skin conditions. It replenishes the skin’s barriers and deeply moisturizes the skin. It has unique ingredients that are made to especially suit your skin and help it regain all the nutrients that it has lost. It helps your skin restore the elasticity and glow that it has failed. Its unique oil-to-gel texture helps the skin to absorb quickly and it creates a protective layer that resists moisture loss. The product restores dry skin and helps retain the optimal hydrated state. Its Glycerin improves boost hydration, Shea Butter moisturizes and nourishes the surface, the Niacinamide B3 helps protect skins moisture barrier. The addition of Urea provides the skin smoothness and softness, and the Chamomile delivers a smooth and calm sensation.

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