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Pharmacist Only Products

We stock a wide range of Pharmacist Only Products that can be purchased after consultation with a pharmacist in order to assure the product is right for you.

Come in store and see a pharmacist if you need:

Pain treatment

Voltaren Rapid 25mg - anti-inflammatory

Panadol Osteo - long acting paracetamol

Mersyndol - migraine relief


Brufen One 400mg 10s and 20s - anti-inflamatory


Thrush treatments

Canesten 3 and 6 day treatment - Vaginal thrush

Flucazole - Vaginal Thrush

Decozol - Oral Thrush

Nilstat - Oral Thrush



Buccaline - Natural oral vaccine to be used to help prevent bacterial colds

Robitussin Dry Cough - Cough supressant



Allersoothe Liquid - Sedating antihistamine

Polaramine 20mg and 40mg - Sedating antihistamine

Phenergan 10mg and 20mg + 100mL liquid - Sedating antihistamine





Hydrocortisone 1% - eczema/dermatitis

Buscopan Forte - stomach cramp relief

Famciclovir - Antiviral treatment for coldsores

NeutraFlour 5000+ - high dose fluoride